Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Black Metal est. 1997

Unveiled Aeons

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1997-1999 The 1st Chapter - The Pest Called Humanity

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult was called into its existence during the cold wintery months of 1997.

After the glorious days of early old school black metal had been infested by Gothic influences, and the betrayal of the Scandinavian forefathers - who apperently changed their allegiance, it was the intention of the two founding members Onielar (Vokills, Git.) as well as Ariovist (Drums) to call forth a band which would contribute it's music to the old traditional vein of black metal.

This line-up was reinforced by Velnias (Git.) who joined their ranks after approximately six unholy months. The position of the bass strangler stayed vacant since day one. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult stands for own satanic and nihilistic beliefs, along with the conspiracy for raw black metal this spirit is carved deep into their hearts. Thus, it seems nearly impossible to find an individual which combines both the skill and the mandatory views of the occult. Only these individuals may join the Slaughtercult.

In the following months the darkened trinity put much effort, sweat and blood into their very first hymns. During this time many tried out for the open bass position, but all were slain, all fell down to be mere cannonfodder. As time passed by it got more clearer day by day that soon the ways of Ariovist and Slaughtercult would go into different directions. While his path led off into a more pathetic human direction - Slaughtercult kept heading straight forward towards the human rank and file in order to slaughter under the banner of blasphemy. Thus during the second half of the year 1999 the first official release The Pest Called Humanity was recorded.

The line up back then was:
Onielar - Vox, Git   Velnias - Git   Ariovist - Drums   Grigorr - Session Bass

This album being dedicated to pure underground deeds combined the true spirit, which is grim, dark and evil as well as a quality production.